HSM October Challenge – Sewing Secrets

I am acutely aware that I haven’t been posting at all recently, and for that I apologise sincerely. I’ve been crazily busy, but now that the holidays are coming up, I hope to have more time to sew and post. 

This project is a Medieval shift, dated for around 1475, and this could also be counted as a Heirlooms and Heritage entry, because this is the kind of shift that would have been worn by my ancestress, Catherine Barry. The secret is that her name is embroidered above the hem of the shift

It is completely hand sewn from linen, with gores inserted at the side. Originally I planned to make it without gores, but it was too tight without, so I inserted two muslin strips, because I didn’t have any more of the linen. 

So, the info: 

Challenge: October, Sewing Secrets

The secret: the name of the wearer embroidered

Fabric: linen

Pattern: none

Year: around 1475

Notions: White and brown thread

How historically accurate is it? Although nothing can ever be 100% historically accurate, this comes quite close. I’d say about 90-95% accurate

Hours to complete: many. Probably… 7-8ish?

Total cost: all from stash, so nothing

First worn: not yet