September HSM Challenge-Brown

I know I’m late, but I’m using the ‘better late than never’ phrase and submitting my September HSM entry now.

To be honest, my entry was finished today because I’ve had no time at all to sew recently. I made a Regency-ish silk reticule, which might not be as big as I would have liked, but it does the job.

image The interior silk lining

image The home made cord

imageWhat a lady keeps in her reticule… Money, a handkerchief and a ring….


So, the usual details:

The Challenge: Brown

Fabric: silk

Pattern: none, my own imagination

Year: Anywhere from 1800 onwards I suppose. These little bags were used for a long time after the Regency era.

Notions: silk thread, wool yarn for the cording

How historically accurate is it? Well, I’m going to say actually quite accurate. While the shape and the cord may not be truly accurate, I’ll give it a 85-90% because the fabrics and method of construction are good I think

Hours to complete: a simple task, so probably only 1.5-2 hours.

First worn: it’s not really a wearable item!

Total cost: as per usual, all from stash so £0.00!