Fabric haul

Today was a successful day of shopping. Although I didn’t buy all of the things that I wanted to, such as red wool and brocade (which was due to Fabricland not having any as such, but they do have plum-coloured wool which I will buy next time when I take more money with me!), I did get my hands on some other things which I am very pleased about. Today I discovered the Remnants Box – a large cage of fabric remnants for a much cheaper price than usual. I thought Id died and gone to Heaven!

So what did I find in this magical box?

imageThis green and white polka dot cotton. I might make a summer skirt out of it at some point.

imageA large amount of this green linen. Not sure exactly how much, but hopefully enough to make something substantial, like a kirtle perhaps?

imageThis rather tough, white fabric. Not sure exactly what it is, but it could be excellent for making corsets and it was only £1, so how could I resist?

imageHalf a metre of white linen. Useful stuff

imageA roll of cotton tape. I got 10% off for the whole roll, and by this point I suspect the lady serving me was exploiting me and my obsession for bargains and fabrics. It worked. She also managed to sell me a pack of sewing machine needles that I have no use for but felt unable to say no to.

imageTKMaxx has already got Christmas stuff on he shelves (I know, I know. It’s not even been Halloween yet and it almost made me want to cry. Shame on me for succumbing to the early early Christmas offers) and here I got 4.5m (5yards) of a lovely vintage looking lace for £3.47. You would have done the same.

imageA black velvet dress for £3 from Oxfam. I don’t intend to wear it, but I saw a quantity of velvet for a cheap price and gave in. Who knows what it could be useful for?

And finally…

image3 metres of slightly stretchy fabric (for the life of me I can’t remember what it’s called, sorry) of navy blue with dark pink dragonflies on it. I will use it to make a circle skirt, and seeing as the lady was definitely ripping me off by this point and sold me way more than I needed, also possibly a dress or something. And then a further five skirts, to give you an idea of the sheer amount of fabric I got from this one.

Hopefully that’ll keep me busy for a short while!