Fabric haul

Today was a successful day of shopping. Although I didn’t buy all of the things that I wanted to, such as red wool and brocade (which was due to Fabricland not having any as such, but they do have plum-coloured wool which I will buy next time when I take more money with me!), I did get my hands on some other things which I am very pleased about. Today I discovered the Remnants Box – a large cage of fabric remnants for a much cheaper price than usual. I thought Id died and gone to Heaven!

So what did I find in this magical box?

imageThis green and white polka dot cotton. I might make a summer skirt out of it at some point.

imageA large amount of this green linen. Not sure exactly how much, but hopefully enough to make something substantial, like a kirtle perhaps?

imageThis rather tough, white fabric. Not sure exactly what it is, but it could be excellent for making corsets and it was only £1, so how could I resist?

imageHalf a metre of white linen. Useful stuff

imageA roll of cotton tape. I got 10% off for the whole roll, and by this point I suspect the lady serving me was exploiting me and my obsession for bargains and fabrics. It worked. She also managed to sell me a pack of sewing machine needles that I have no use for but felt unable to say no to.

imageTKMaxx has already got Christmas stuff on he shelves (I know, I know. It’s not even been Halloween yet and it almost made me want to cry. Shame on me for succumbing to the early early Christmas offers) and here I got 4.5m (5yards) of a lovely vintage looking lace for £3.47. You would have done the same.

imageA black velvet dress for £3 from Oxfam. I don’t intend to wear it, but I saw a quantity of velvet for a cheap price and gave in. Who knows what it could be useful for?

And finally…

image3 metres of slightly stretchy fabric (for the life of me I can’t remember what it’s called, sorry) of navy blue with dark pink dragonflies on it. I will use it to make a circle skirt, and seeing as the lady was definitely ripping me off by this point and sold me way more than I needed, also possibly a dress or something. And then a further five skirts, to give you an idea of the sheer amount of fabric I got from this one.

Hopefully that’ll keep me busy for a short while!


A new look!

You have probably noticed, but I have a new look for this blog! I like it because the sidebars show up even on a tablet. I know that a lot of people now use tablets such as iPads more than computers or laptops, so I opted for a new look, with colour, that would make my site more easily accessible.

Enjoy looking around!

Some interesting thoughts about fashion

I was just doing a little research, when I stumbled across certain theorists and their attitudes towards fashion and fashion’s role in society. I don’t think they are 100% accurate, but they are interesting nonetheless.

First, there were three reasons which applied to fashion:

1. Purpose of Utility. This is dressing for warmth and protection

2. Purpose of Hierarchy. This is to show one’s position in society and your rank in the hierarchy.

3. Purpose of seduction. This is, as the name suggests, dressing to appeal to the opposite gender.

These mainly apply to historical fashion, because nowadays you could add dressing to represent one’s personality, or dressing to show your culture, background or beliefs.

Then there is Laver’s Law of Fashion, which is also interesting to see how attitudes change over time.

James Laver’s Law of Fashion

  • 10 years before its time:  indecent
  • 5 years before its time:  shameless
  • 1 year before its time:  daring
  • current fashion:  smart
  • 1 year after its time:  dowdy
  • 10 years after its time:  hideous
  • 20 years after its time:  ridiculous
  • 30 years after its time:  amusing
  • 50 years after its time:  quaint
  • 70 years after its time:  charming
  • 100 years after its time:  romantic
  • 150 years after its time:  beautiful

What do you think? Do you agree with Laver’s Laws of Fashion? Are there any other reasons for dressing in a certain way?

A gift from Paris

My dad went to Paris and brought me back this little gift in return for me sewing on buttons to his jacket for him!

Isnt it adorable?

image image

How useful! Eight more rolls of thread, a measuring tape with both inches and cm, a thimble and six needles in assorted sizes, as well as some embroidery threads, a safety pin and a button.

Results Day at long last!

So, today was results day and I can honestly say I am so happy with my results. Hard work does pay off! 

5A*s, 3As and 3Bs is a really great mix of marks and I’m not applying for any remarks. An A in maths was a pleasant surprise, as was and A* in biology! I want to thank everyone who has helped me, through thick and thin, especially when I lost heart and hope. 

Hopefully my next year of studies will be just as fruitful! 

Problem uploading photos

Unfortunately, the problem I have regarding me not being able to upload ANY photos onto my posts hasn’t been resolved. This hinders all of my planned posts, and I can’t post pictures of the finished Regency short stays!

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? I press the icon to upload images, and it takes me to a grey page and after a moment then closes the whole application! I am really annoyed, so this is why there have been no posts lately, sorry! 

A quick update

Hi! I don’t have a lot of time today for a lengthy update, but O will just say that I have (finally) finished my exams after over a month of toil and tears! I received so much support from friends and family and during times when I was close to just burning all of my notes and going into hibernation. I really hope that all of my hard work has paid off and I get the results I am hoping for. Now is the long wait for results day: end of August, can you believe it?! 

Anyway, this means that I will be freer to sew, but I still have to do a tiresome post exam programme which the he school decided would be a good idea, but is actually rubbish… I have next week free, and plan to make good progress with my regency stays. I also really really need to order some eyelets so that I can FINISH my corset! 

I have tried to start making a Victorian chemise, but it is kind of a flop, so I’ll update about that, but probably without photos because it is atrocious.