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About me

I’m a teenager who, for as long as I can remember, has loved history. I also like writing, particularly historical fiction and although it’s not great quality (yet), it makes me happy.

I was first inspired to pick up a needle to make a dress for myself after starting a story set in Tudor England (I’m English, by the way). I just loved all of the splendour and extravagance of the era, I just wanted to capture the feeling of it. Needless to say, I failed in this respect, and that was a few years back. Now I’ve decided to expand my horizons and make clothing from more than just one era.

Then I watched the film ‘Marie Antoinette’. I was totally captivated by the beauty and romance and beauty and amazingness of the costumes. So I started to write a story in that era.              This prompted a good hard look at my Tudor dress and  decided that it would make a lovely 18th century round gown with a few adjustments here and there.

I have a lots of UFOs (Un Finished Objects) which I would love to finish, plus a few things which I’ve actually finished, which makes me very proud.

I’m inspired by people who can see a fabric and dream up a dress to go with it then make the entire thing from scratch. That’s not me, but I’m hoping for it to be one day. Perhaps. Maybe not.

So what can you expect from my blog? Well, regular ramblings and much moaning, costumes, inspiration, lots of photos of Lottie the cat (and maybe a few of her sister too) and photos of the world around me (I’m a keen-ish photographer when I get the time).

Whatever the future may be, if by some chance you are reading my ramblings, then please follow and comment what you’d like to see and I’ll do my best to find the time to blog.

P1090405 Thank you for reading!


16 thoughts on “About me

  1. How old are you precisely? I’m teenager too, 13 years old, very interested in historical sewing (I only have to make my parents aware of it.. Aii), in historical (non)fiction, and just in history as a whole (and I love cats). I’ve never found anyone who matched this so perfectly as you do. Is it just a coincidence that I found your blog among so many historical sewing blogs?
    Have I already said that I love your blog? Your writing style is just perfect (a real teenager-writing-style)


    • I’m turning 16, but it’s so wonderful to find someone else like me! Where are you from? I didn’t tell my parents about my passion for a long while either, I sewed by myself, in the gloom and dampness of the basement. Goodness knows what they thought I was doing down there. Even now, I hate them mentioning I like historical costuming to anyone else, and have banned them from speaking about it!


      • I’m from the Netherlands, but I like Britain far more (the Netherlands haven’t got such a colourful history, according to me). And my parents think I’m doing homework in my room, when I’m actually sewing.


  2. I’ve tried a lot cloting dolls period before, but it didn’t work at all, so I stopped with it. My cap is a cap for a commonwoman, I got the pattern somewhere from the internet. And it’s almost done!


  3. Unfortunately, I don’t. I’m aiming to start one, but it hasn’t come so far yet. And, by the way, can we communicate differently than this? I hate it when every random person can read what I’m writing.


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