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HSM August – Finally!

First an apology; I know I have been very very behind in posting but I’ve been so busy with school and work so I haven’t had an awful lot of time to post, let alone to sew. In honesty, the last thing I want to do when I get home form a long day at school is sew so unfortunately not a lot has been done.

However, I finally got around to taking photos of my August HSM, for which the theme was Heirlooms and Heritage. As you may remember, for my HSM I was making a Tudor French hood based on the hood Elizabeth I wore in a portrait, wherein she was still a princess. You may be asking yourself how Elizabeth I comes into this, but in fact my ancestry stems from a long line of Welsh kings and, as we know, Henry Tudor (aka Henry VII) was Welsh. So although the link isn’t direct, I thought it was a good enough excuse to make a French Hood.


So, here are some pictures. Please forgive the bad quality lighting and the fact that I had nothing vaguely head-shaped to place said hood upon.


Challenge: Heirlooms and Heritage

Fabric: the hood covering is cotton and the veil could be silk, but I’m not sure, seeing as it was once a jacket lining.

Pattern: I used a pattern from the Elizabethan Costuming page and adjusted it slightly, but other than  that it was just lots of research.

Year: 1546

Notions: plastic beads, millinery wire, gold ribbon, cotton thread, home made buckram

How historically accurate is it? Not awfully. I’d say the shape is correct, it sits on the head correctly and the method of construction is fairly authentic. But the fabrics used are not, except the home made buckram which is old sacks stiffened with glue. I’d give it about 55-60% accuracy rating. Not great!

Hours to complete: many. Probably…. Ooh…. Umm, around 9-10?

First worn: Sunday 13th, for a trial fitting.

Total cost: as usual, it is all from stash, so £0.00!



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