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An update and apology

So, the apology first: I haven’t been sewing for the past few weeks for a couple of reasons: firstly, after I have done a period of intense sewing (the Regency short stays and finishing my corset) I take a break from sewing. I’m not sure why, but I lose motivation for a short while. Another reason I didn’t do the July HSM Challenge was because I finished school on 5th July then had various horse riding competitions, and then I went on holiday with my family. 

I got back from holiday yesterday, and have quite a few family commitments over the next few days. However, after that I should be able to get down to some sewing! 

The August HSM Challenge is ‘Heirlooms and Heritage’ in which you recreate something your ancestors wore or would have worn. Or you use an heirloom to create something which will become an heirloom. 

One of my andestors was Henry VIII,  and therefore my chosen thing to sew is a Tudor French Hood, based off a portrait of Elizabeth I. 

The Hood is dark red with pearl and jewelled billaments and gold crimped ‘fringe’. 

This HSM for me is actually going to be finishing a UFO, because I have partially started the hood but not added billaments, the gold crimped edge or the veil. 

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer so far!


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