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Victorian corset – FINISHED!

Well, it has been many months – three, I think, although it feels much longer!  Admittedly, the project hasn’t been my number one priority most of the time, but it is now, officially finished! My first, and hopefully not last, corset was finished today, so I’ll quit nattering and get to the photos.

First I had to insert all of the eyelets. I used twelve per length. After much hammering, this was the result:


So, the eyelets aren’t perfectly even and are a little out of alignment in some places. I didn’t measure the spaces 100% accurately, so I think it actually turned out pretty well!

Then I added some lovely vintage lace to the top:


Here’s what it looks like, both sides together:


I have yet to try it on, but as soon as I have laced it and adjusted the lacing, I will post more pictures!


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