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Regency short stays/June HSM part 4- photos

So, thank you very much Anne for telling me to try to upload the photos using Internet explorer and not the WordPress app. Here is the very very late part 4 (and final) part of the Regency stays tutorial.


1. I sewed the binding onto the centre front sides first of all.

2.    image


Then I pinned the binding for the top edge of the stays. To do the ends of the straps, I gathered the fabric first and then sewed it down, as this looks much neater and holds well. The resolution of the photos aren’t great, but you get the picture. This is the most tedious part, for sure. My binding fabric’s colour is a bit too creamy, but I’m not too bothered about it.

3. Next, pin the bottom edge. Sew it. This is very straightforward.


4. Finally, I added eyelets to the tabs and the straps. I made two eyelets on each tab, at different heights so I can adjust the length. This may not be strictly historically accurate, but I think it’s a good ideaimage

There it is, my finished pair of Regency short stays! Not yet been worn, so I will add the details for the HSM below:

The Challenge: Out of your Comfort Zone

Fabric: Three layers: linen, coutil and cotton

Pattern: I didn’t follow one specifically, just looked at extant pieces and other recreations of short stays.

Year: 1800-1810

Notions: linen thread, cotton bias binding, thicker thread for the eyelets, cord for lacing, plastic cable ties for boning, cord for cording

How historically accurate is it? Well, it’s all hand sewn, so extra bonus points there. The fabrics aren’t necessarily accurate, and the plastic boning definitely isn’t, as is the cording! However, it looks and feels quite historically accurate, so I’m going to go: 70%

Hours to complete: Many, many hours, I lost track.

First worn: not yet

Total cost: £0.00! All from stash!


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