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Regency short stays part 5/June HSM

Okay, so I’m a bit behind on this. The binding took AGES! It took for ever, so this is a few days late. Sorry. Also, WordPress is refusing point blank to allow me to upload any pictures at all, so double sorry! You’ll have to use your imaginations for this post. I had pictures taken and everything, so I am really annoyed. 

Today’s part is the binding and final eyelets.

1. Pin binding to both the centre fronts, making sure it fits snugly. 
Sew this to the fabric. 

2. Pin your binding to the top side.

Sew this binding on. This takes ages and ages, especially if you use small, neat stitches.  

To do the tabs for the shoulder straps, I gathered the fabric first, and then sewed it down. This looks neat. 

3. Pin binding to bottom edge. This is quite a simple bit of sewing to do – just a straight line

4. I threaded a drawstring through the bottom, so I can gather it and make it sit a bit more snugly; the bottom edge on mine is a bit too big. This step is very easy to do. Take a large, blunt needle and use it to pull some string or cord through. Make sure it is long enough to come out at both ends with some to spare. 

5. I did the eyelets on the shoulder straps and the tabs after putting the binding on, so I could see how much space I had. 

I did two eyelets on the tabs, so I can adjust the length of the shoulder, if that makes sense. A picture would have come in handy, but no thanks to WordPress, so there isn’t one. I will post them later, when I can. 

6. Finally, put your stays on an lace them up. Don’t cut the lacing length to what it finishes at, if that makes sense, because you will need a lot more than you think. This is so you can loosen the laces and wriggle out of the stays without having to undo them all. 

Also make sure to lace the shoulder straps to the tabs. 

And, voila! Finished Regency short stays! 

I hope you enjoyed my series of tutorials and found them helpful. If so, comment your thoguths and what you found out while making yours. Anything I can improve on? other than pictures for this post! 


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