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I’m sorry for the lack of posted recently. I’ve been working on my Regency short stays, and the cording is taking a little longer than I thought. It isn’t tricky as such, just very, very time consuming. So, there will be a post about the boning/cording part of the stays as and when they get done. 

Today’s Guess Who took me AGES to think of; I wanted someone who is well known globally, but who I could give an accurate description of. My last Guess Who is in the link, so do comment who you think it is. 

Bow nicely; she IS the Empress of course. Not too low, not too little. Next to me, Nannerl curtsies prettily, and I can tell that through her charming smile, she is nervous too. Of course, who wouldn’t be nervous to perform in front of Maria Theresia? Above me, countless candles create rain owns of light which play on the glass chandeliers, bounce off the mirrors and escape into the evening outside of the Palace. The marble floor is hard and cold, like many of the stares of the courtiers, who obviously doubt my talent. my father, Leopold, stands to the left of the harpsichord. He nods quickly to me as I take my seat. My heart is beating a little faster than normal, and my fingertips are damp with a nervous sweat: totally inconvenient for playing with. As I begin to play, the courtiers disappear from my mind, and all I hear and see is the music which I have created. As the piece comes to an end, I am re-emerged into a large hall, with the courtiers, whose faces have gone from as cold as the floor to as warm as the candles. Polite applause follows as I bow, and I cannot keep the smile off of my face. I dare a quick glance at the Empress. She is smiling, and clapping her pudgy hands too. Beat that, Nannerl! I think to myself smugly. I know she cannot hope to follow a performance like I have just given and look best. The most gratifying part?              I am only six years old. 
Who do you think it is? Comment your answer! 


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