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Check out my Pinterest board!

Hi! Last night I spent some time creating a couple of new Punterest boards. Tip: If you love costuming, GET PINTEREST. There is a wealth of resources out there, available at your fingertips. Actually, even if you’re not such a fan of costuming or history, still get it because there is something for EVERYONE. It’s good fun and you’ll never be board again! (Get it?) 

Anyway, here are some links to my Pinterest boards. They are added to regularly so do follow me! 

http://pinterest.com/pinkpuss1234/18th-century-dress/.   My 18th century board

http://pinterest.com/pinkpuss1234/my-regency-board/.     My Regency board

http://pinterest.com/pinkpuss1234/my-1860s-board/.   My 1860s board

http://pinterest.com/pinkpuss1234/my-1870-1880s-board/. My 1870-1880s board 

 http://pinterest.com/pinkpuss1234/edwardian-fashion-i-love/.  My Edwardian board

http://pinterest.com/pinkpuss1234/undergarments-through-history/. Undergarments through history board

Have fun looking through them! 



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