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Regency short stays part 3/HSM June Challenge

Here is the third part to my regency stays tutorial. I think we left off having fitted and pinned the three layers together. 

The next part is where it all comes together. 

1. Stitch ‘in the ditch’ on the inside of the gussets. It is easier to show you with a diagram. 

Try to make the stitches as small and neat as possible. Do this for all four gussets (three layers) 

2. Stitch ‘in the ditch’ (such a funny term, isn’t it?) along seams, with your stitching inside the seam so it is invisible. Again, small, neat stitches. My seams were all over the place and very mismatched so mine looks a little odd, but I stitched from the outside; it doesn’t really matter what the lining looks like. 

Do this for your side seams and your back seams. 

3. So, by now I think your stays should be three layers, stitched together in the gussets and along seams. 

Next, baste the layers together along the top and down the centre fronts. 

Basting stitches are loose running stitches used to keep the layers together while boning etc. 

Now your stays should look something like this. 



4. Next are the eyelets. The number each side of the centre front is up to you, but if you need more support then more eyelets are advisable. In front of the eyelets must go boning to help keep shape and act as a busk. 

What I did, was insert the boning where I want it to go and THEN position the eyelets around it. 

Eyelets positioning for stays is a bit odd because spiral lacing was used, so the holes are not symmetrical on both sides of the stays. 

This is what mine looked like. I had and inch inbetween each eyelet, except for the closer ones. 

Also be sure to make certain that your first and last eyelets aren’t going to be converted by binding. I know my eyelets are a bit messy and wonky, but I’m not really too bothered about aesthetic appearances.  

The spiral binding on my stays will go like this: 

My other pair of regency shorts stays bind like this and I find it works well. 

I’m sorry if this post wasn’t quite as great or in depth as my other ones…. This is as far as I’ve gone. The next step will be boning and cording, which is the Out Of Your Comfort zone part of the challenge! 


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