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Guess the Famous Figure

Hi! I’m very excited for this post, because Anne has very kindly let me steal her wonderful idea of Guess Who? Basically, the idea is that I will write a paragraph or two from the point of view of a famous figure in history, and you have to comment who you think it is. 

So, without further ado, my first Guess Who!

I sit here, cold and alone, waiting for a messenger to tell me I am free to go. The hours pass, and no message comes. My hair is dishevelled; I see no reason I should tidy it. For whom would I make myself presentable? My gaoler? My mind wanders and I wish it would sleep, but I cannot sleep. What horrendous torture are they doing to my dear Cat at this moment? A cold breeze tickles my neck, but it is not windy outside. Perhaps it is her ghost. I think about her more than ever, now, when I too am the prisoner of a monarch, imprisoned for no plausible reason other than rumour. Is she with me now? Is that a silent footfall, or a figment of my imagination? I want her to be here, to calm me; to comfort me. More than ever, I need the quick thinking of my mother to guide me safely. But no mother will ever come, for she died here; am I to have the same fate? I scratch a message into the glass of the window with my ring: ‘Much suspected of me, nothing proved can be.’ I turn away from the window; then ravens circling the Tower Green install a fear of death in me which I cannot bear. 

So, who do you think the mystery figure is? Please share this with whoever you think would guess it! 


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