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Sleeping Beauty

Todays post is a little unrelated to anything, but I thought it might make you smile. 

I have a storybook of Sleeping Beauty, but I have to say that the illustrations are INCREDIBLY beautiful. See for yourself, and comment your thoughts. 


Here the Queen wishes for a baby


Like every self respecting fairytale, we start with ‘Once upon a time’

Magic happens, and the wind hears the Queen’s plea, and tells her to return to the palace, for soon she will have a child. 


One of my favourite illustrations in this book


Of course, the Royal couple plan a christening, and invite twelve fairies, but forget to invite Skura, another fairy who is really rather evil.  


Skura arrives at the christening, uninvited and much to the King and Queens dismay. She brings her wolves, because every evil witch needs someone to carry her train. 


Skura curses the baby: on her 16th birthday she will prick her finger on a spindle and die!


The Woodland Fairy comes to the rescue!

The Princess Aurora grows up, and enjoys the normal Princess-ly pasttimes: riding , reading and, importantly, sewing. 


However, Aurora asks to take a walk outside after the party and, believing that they have burned every spinning wheel in the land, the King and Queen let her go. She is led to a dark, mysterious tower by a cat. 

  The old lady offers for Aurora to have a go at spinning…

And, just as prophesied, Aurora pricks her finger and falls to the ground in a deep sleep, which Skura (the old lady) believes is death. 

Here we will stop, simply because if I try to upload any more I think this post will freeze or disappear… 

Don’t worry, I will post more soon! 


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