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Sleeping Beauty, part 2.

We left off where Aurora had pricked her finger on a spindle and fallen into a deep sleep. She is alone in the tower, and her parents have no idea where she is. 

Eventually they find her, and talke her back to the palace.  



   The Woodland Fairy enchants the whole palace, so everyone in the palace falls into the same deep sleep for a hundred years. 

   She uses magic to make thorns and roses grow quickly, shrouding the palace from the world in a blanket of deep green foliage. 

Roses climb over everything, obsuring the palace from view

A hundred years later, Prince Florian is hunting through the forest when he and his friends encounter an old beggar woman, carrying sticks for her fire. He asks if she would like his cloak for warmth, or if he can help her carry her sticks. She tells him, in reward for his kindness, of an enchanted castle hidden deep within the forest, surrounded by a deep thicket of thorns. Inside the castle, the lady says, he will find his true love and his heart’s desire. This old lady is in fact the Woodland Fairy, but she doesn’t say so.   

The Woodland Fairy in diguise

  Prince Florian tells his friends that he must find his true love and sets off in his quest by himself. After fighting through thorns all through the night, he eventually find a large door and, pushing it open, finds himself in the courtyard of a palace. Everywhere there are people who look to be dead, but are actually sleeping. Everywhere is overrun with thorns and roses and ivy. He makes his way through the castle, until he enters a bedroom. 

There, lying surrounded by roses, with her golden hair as sting and perfect as it was at the start of her long slumber, is the Princess Aurora. He falls in love at first sight, and realising that the old woman must have known that he would find his true love here, he kisses her. 


She wakes, as only a true love’s kiss can awake her from her spell. Once she’s wakes, the whole palace is also roused.


Meanwhile, Skura’s powers are growing weaker and weaker, until she leaves her tower. A smoky-grey cat slinks out of the door to the tower, and Skura is never seen again. 

Of course, a magnificent wedding is in order – one which is so glorious it presides over any wedding ever. 



And naturally, they lived happily ever after. 

                                                                THE END


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