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Regency short stays

In my moment of madness some days ago, I decided I would make a pair of Regency short stays. 

If you don’t know what they look like, they look like this:

So far, I have drafted a pattern, but I’m not sure if it fits so I’ll have to make a mock up. 

It will be perfect for the June HSM Challenge – Out of your Comfort Zone, as I am planning to use cording, which I have never done before. It will be a step into the unknown! 

In other news, I have pinned on the binding of my corset – white satin ribbon which looks nice and doesn’t require and folding or ironing or faffing around. I’ll need to do tiny, invisible whip stitches all he way around, and then order grommets off Amazon… 

Not much to do at all, on top of exams! 


3 thoughts on “Regency short stays

  1. . Where did get the stays pictured? I tried to make a pair of stays some months ago from a pattern I think by Sense and Sensibility. I did get the three layers and the gussets sewn together but really it looked as though I had done it blindfolded. I wish you would post your construction step by step.
    I hadn’t seen any straps on stays that tied on before.
    heck, I am not even certain where one starts measuring to have a pair fit.


    • If you would like, I will post the construction step by step. Would this be helpful for you?
      So far I have drafted my own pattern and cut out the interlining, lining, and I am debating whether to use linen or the same material as I used for lining as the outer fabric… Decisions, decisions!


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