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Corset progress update and a bit of cuteness

Well, the boning has arrived, with much joy from the cat, as it was delivered with… A cardboard box. Oh yes. But if this wasn’t enough excitement for one little cat, the box was filled with… Brown paper packaging. Basically, Christmas, birthdays and all other occasions including wrapping paper had come early. 


She wasted no time getting to know the ins and outs of this. 

The box was also promptly sat in, but I didn’t capture pictures of that. 

Anyone with a cat can sympathise, and as I tried to wrap a present in this paper (I used nice paper on top, don’t worry. I thought it might be fun for my friend to try and guess how many layers of brown paper there was before she could get to the actual present. She didn’t find it as amusing at anitcipted…. Can’t think why.) my little helper sat on the paper. In the middle of it, next to her bed, but no. The paper was far preferable to a comfy, cosy nest which she loves. 

Anyway, so I have inserted the last bone and made a sampler for flossing patterns and colours.  I am ill (just as exams are getting under way, great) and now have the time to do this instead of revising…



At the moment I’m thinking that this one above will be best, as the colours tie in nicest. 

If you don’t know what flossing is, it is embroidery on a corset, mainly used at the bottom of the bone channel where the bone ends to prevent it piercing the fabric. 

It can be simple…


Or complex…


Anyway, it’s pretty, pretty, pretty and I look forward to adding some colour to my corset. 

All that’s left to god now is bind I and insert the grommets. Doesn’t sound much, but I bet it’ll be huge. 


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