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The corset from hell progresses

But it progresses slowly. And has hit another all. I am 20 cm short of boning. 20 cm. I now have to roger another metre’s worth. I have also learned…

NEVER TRY USING PLASTIC BONING CAPS. a) They don’t stay on the boning b) they get stuck half way in the boning channel c) you then have to spend 20 minutes of your life, which you will never get back trying to shove a chopstick down the boning channel to get said stuck cap out the other end. 

I also need more ribbon, and wider ribbon than I have. However other than this, I have finished boning MOST of my corset, and now all that remains is the binding and eyelet insertion. Doesn’t sound much, does it?

On a slightly different note, in a mad moment I decided that having a crack at another pair of Regency stays would be good fun. So, after the corset is done, and exams are finished, I might try that. I would also like to make another pair of 18th century stays with the cane that I have lying around and make them fully boned, but with cane, if you see my reasoning. 

Anyway, they’re all a dream so far. 

Back to revising! 


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