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Historical Sew Monthly – May. Practicality

My, where has the year gone?! Already in May! (Nearly) 

This month’s challenge is great: create the jeans-and-t-shirt equivalent. We’re talking aprons, caps and… Aprons. 

So, true to form, I have made an apron. I love it. It was based on a variety of sources: 




In my dreams, I will make the entire outfit above. It is wonderful. I have coming (waiting for my parents to get new curtains…) some orange fabric like the jacket. Also, THAT CAP IS SO ADORABLE!  


First, Imade the apron. It isn’t as wide as I would have liked, but it’ll do. 



Pinning the pleats 

Sewing the waistband.


  Then I used bias binding to make the ties.

I used guesswork to get the shape of the apron flap. 



 Hemmed and with the pink petticoat. It is pinned onto the dress form (still not found a name for her, suggestions welcome) on the inside using two small pins. There is no evidence in the prints and paintings to suggest how the apron bib was attached to the bodice, so I assume pins. 

The colours compliment each other so nicely. 

I am also working on a cap to go with it, and will post more when there is progress. 

The Challenge: Practicality

Fabric: old curtain lining, but I assume cotton. 

Pattern: Inspiration taken from period pictures and sources. 

Year: I see this style of apron in most periods, but this one was designed with the 18th century I mind. I suppose it could work for a Victorian maid too 😉

Notions: Bias binding for ties.

Historical accuracy: reasonably. I wouldn’t say the fabric was accurate, but the pattern and style isand I sewed quite a bit by hand. Only the long hams were done by machine. 

Hours to complete: About 3.5 I’d say. 

First worn: Not yet.

Total cost: All from stash = £0.00 yay! 



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