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A few weeks ago I went with my family to Lyme Regis. We were lucky enough to have the most glorious weather, and lots of shopping opportunities in the town of Lyme. I found a wonderful little vintage shop, with many curiosities, such as old baby prams, a lace wedding veil from the 1930s, doll’s houses, nighties, original vintage children’s dresses, and some truly fabulous hats. However, what I have been wanting for some time are some Victorian-style gloves for when I (God willing) make a full 1970-80s ensemble. 

There were a pair of lace gloves, and although they were pretty, I didn’t like their huge amounts of lace at the wrist. So I found these:


I saw these mitts tucked away behind a vintage typewriter.   I’ve been wanting a pair of mitts for a long time because they’re so practical, and planned to make some for a HSM. I love the fabric- it’s really warm and they’re lovely. 

  These are tea gloves from the 1950s, and in wonderful condition. They’re cream with broiderie anglaise, and simp,y adorable! It was between these and another pair of wrist-length silk gloves, but these won on account of their individuality. 

  Are they wonderful? 

I can now add these to my existing collection:


These cotton lace gloves were my mum’s and she very kindly allowed me to have them. They do have a hole on the tip of the left  thumb, but are otherwise charming.  



I also have, courtesy of my mum again, a pair of over-the-elbow white gloves. 


  This photo makes my arm look freakishly long… 


 Lovely and elegant!  





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