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Corset progress in pictures

I am very aware that I have been up on the moaning and down on the evidence, so I’ll make up for it. 

I have actually done more than you will see here, but simply haven’t taken photos yet. They WILL happen today. I promise. 


Busk and , what are those little things that poke out through the fabric called? Well, those and the busk are inserted, and are actually now attached to the rest of the corset, but like I said, photos coming later. 

You can see what a horrible, evil, fraying fabric my brocade is. But it’s so pretty, so I kind of forgive it. 

I have learnt many, many things from this process, and one of them is never to attach the Centre Front pieces and the Centre Back pieces until they have been sewn right sides together and flipped inside out, so there is a no-fraying seam. I, not realising this until the last minute, have had to unpick 16 rows to stitching to achieve this and then sew them back on. Is there ANYTHING more demoralising for a sewer that unpicking all of your hard work? Nope. And yet, Imam getting very handy with the unpicking tool, and it actually only took me 3mins and 45 secs to unpick the last Centre Back piece. (Yes, I timed it.) 


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