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The corset from hell

Allow me to rant and rave about my corset which I am working on. It hates me. I sometimes hate it. But I WILL NOT be defeated by a bit of fabric. How is that even possible? 

So here is what has gone wrong so far…

  • I had to make three mock ups, for various reasons. 
  • I had to take apart my base layer of coutil three times to snip bits off here and there. Three times.m
  • I have run out of boning. I only bought half of what I really need 
  • My top brocade layer is THE MOST FRAYING FABRIC EVER CREATED. 
  • I got my pattern pieces wrong, so had to start again with mirror imaging them. 
  • I just realised that the eyelets I bought don’t have washers, so they will likely snag at things. 
  • I am at war with myself as to how I will bind the damned thing, if I ever get that far. Use plain bias binding which might look odd, or cut up strips of my brocade (which I’m planning to use for something else) to make bias binding. I’m actually probably too lazy to do that last one. 

Arghhhhh, will this corset ever be finished?! 


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