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My 18th century ensemble so far

I am aware that I have been incredibly lazy about blogging recently. I apologise sincerely. A few weekends back I decided that, it being a glorious day, I would try out all of them18th century garb I have. 


I am wearing my shift over a vest and underwear. I didn’t feel fully motivated to embrace all aspect of the costume




I didn’t realise I was wearing the shift inside out…. Oops. The apron is not made by me, I fully intend to make one for a future HSM which I will blog about at a future opportunity. Under my  pink petticoat I am wearing my flowery petticoat

I am also wearing my two bum rolls to add shape to the rear, which they did, and my fichu.  I added my lap cap on to my hair. Despite my parents’ thoughts, it was actually quite comfy to wear – I felt supported and cocooned. Oh yes, I also have a pink, lacy, thin shawl which I dreamed over my arms. Sorry about the absence of photos with accessories… 


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