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My Victorian corset -Progress

Sometimes I think that a divine power doesn’t want this corset to happen. Well, too bad. Because despite everything the gods could throw at me, (this is tempting fate) my corset is coming along. 

So, first problems occurred in the drafting stage. It turns out that I was using a far too comp,ex method to draft a pattern, and I traced around a friends corset for my general shape. I then forgot to mirror the pattern pieces when cutting and had to unpick my toile about 3 times to get the right fit. Then when cutting into my gorgeous brocade (shiver) I made the same mistake and didn’t reverse the pattern pieces, wasting a whole lot of fabric and having to cut into my new roll of the brocade, which very nearly made me cry. 


Would anyone happen to know the exact years that this type of corset was in fashion? Am I right in saying around1880s? 


The reverse of the brocade, correct. Pinned and ready to be sewn…


The amount of wasted fabric.. Sigh. Does anyone have any ideas as to what to do with this amount on scrap fabric? 


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