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HSM March Challenge – Stashbusting

I am actually very pleased that this challenge came along because it forced me to use up some scrap fabric which was lying about. I made two bum rolls. 

This first attempt was too small and thin, so I tried another one with a much larger amount of fabric than I originally  thought I needed,Manichaeism turned out much better.

I didn’t want to use up any types of fabric, so I opted to do something a little more authentic and plait some wool. It turned out purfect! Look how beautiful and perfect the plaits are!

The second bum pad was much more successful:

This is with the larger bum roll with the smaller one underneath for support:

I’m not entirely sure if the silhouette  if what Inwas aiming for, and I might try a different style of pad at some other time. 

This next photo shows the smaller bum roll on top of the larger one. It is the silhouette which is more I was aiming for. 

The Challenge: Stashbusting

Fabric: old curtain lining, yay! 

Pattern: my own thoughts

Year: around  1700s, but could be used for other times

Notions: I think they’re good, and when I wear them I’ll keep you posted. 

How historically accurate? I machine sewed the crescents together, and hand sewed the ties for the bigger bum roll as well as plaiting the wool for the smaller one 

Hours to complete:  About an hour and a half

First worn: not yet

Total cost: nothing


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