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Some 1860s fashion plates

So recently I’ve started taking more of an interest in the wonderful wide skirts of the 1860s.

I searched up some fashion plates, and they are so very pretty! Have a look:

I am quite interested by the pattern on the right-most lady’s dress; it’s a strange geometric sort of pattern which I’ve noticed in quite a few fashion plates.

Although blurry, I ADORE the colours and skirts of the right dress – look at the cute roses! And purple is so moi…

I’m rather intrigued as to how the left skirt works… Amazing colour and exquisite lace!

Once again, the roses delight me!

The pink dress looks to me as if it is the front of the pink dress in the plate above. At least, that is how I would imagine the front of the previous dress to look.

The purple dress just looks so fluffy! I wonder what fabric it would be made of? I also love the girl’s cute dress!

Simple yet sophisticated.

Which one is your favourite? Why?


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