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Merry Christmas!

This is the first moment I’ve really had to sit down and blog. Christmas is now over and I have to go back to revising :-(.

However, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and feels fulfilled and rested.

I got a rather lovely dress form from Santa. P1100020 Isn’t she nice? BUT, she is a completely different shape to me in all respects. She is wider than me everywhere and when I tried to lace her into my stays I found that it makes a huge difference if you’re squishy and thin-ner.

Those are my Plain Paniers, the ones which I have posted about. Well, they are finished, but I had to adjust them a little….

They were far too wide and they moved when a skirt was put on top, so I added ties and (I’m not really sure what these are called) rings-and-ribbons-to-stop-it-being-too-wide. I’m rather leased with them, and it was lucky I added pocket slits this time which made it possible for me to install them. I’ve seen the same technique used in grand paniers to make them flat at the front and wider, if that helps give a better picture.

P1100070 Very clever, no?

Anyway, it wasn’ just us humans who had a good Christmas; the cats did too.

P1100029 Larissa LOVED her catnip-filled hedgehog, which is not covered in her saliva after she licked it non-stop for a quarter of an hour.

P1100038Lottie, on the other hand, seemed more interested in the string on which her squeaky mouse which squeaks realistically when tapped was attached to.

P1100030 She stubbornly refused to play with her present of the squeaky mouse for half a day…

P1100039 But sometimes even the strongest of iron wills must crack…

P1100052 Embarrassed, she took refuge under my pink-perfect-petticoat-in-progress (more on this to come).

P1100055 But couldn’t resist an opportunity to look cute so emerged, dignity in tact.

P1100024 She rolled about in my spare fabric (she’s truly my cat) and generally had a lovely time being fussed over.

Happy New Year!


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