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Pocket hoops

As promised, here are some of the photos I managed to take of the making process once my camera’s battery had charged…

The outside pieces with the channels (made of folded fabric as I don’t have any twill tape). The fabric is…. (drum roll) curtain lining! Yay, the hallowed curtain lining is back. It’s not the most beguiling fabric, but as this is hopefully going to be an undergarment, I figured it didn’t matter what it looked like. The fabric itself is quite strong, easy to iron but frays quite badly which is a pain.

I ran out of the original colourede fabric for the channels... So used scrap linen!

I ran out of the original colourede fabric for the channels… So used scrap linen!

I was reminded of how lovely linen is to iron (not!) when I ran out of the original fabric for the hoop channels so used scrap linen. I didn’t have the correct length of linen strips to had to sew one length on top of the other… But as long as I instert my hooping the correct direction I should be fine!

Oh yes, and my cable ties (aka hooping) are not qute long enough… Grrr. Anyway, I’ll find a solution.

So, at this rate everything was kind of rolling along nicely and smoothly, which was supicious (as any costumer will know) because if everything’s going well, something is wrong.

Look at that monster of a panier bottom piece! Look at that monster of a bottom panier piece! Yes, after realising there was not enough fabric to make a bottom piece, I sewed two together. Pretty clever of me, I thought smugly. But then when I tried to attach it to the outside piece… P1090977 Oh look it was waaaayyy too big. So I’d cut out the pattern piece wrong. Damn. Luckily I could just re-do the pattern and cut out two smaller bottom pieces. Phew, near disaster averted.

Look, it fits!

Look, it fits!

 And with the bottom piece sewn on…P1090986       All I now had to do was attach the inside piece, which was fine. P1090988 And then finally sew it on!

Bags! Well, nearly.

Bags! Well, nearly.

 All I have to do now to finish the bag part is sew up the sides but I believe there are a few other things I have to do according to my wonderful tutorial:http://thedreamstress.com/2013/01/panier-along-1-pattern-pieces/ A real godsend!

Well, I’ll post more tomorrow once I have the next stage all figured out!


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