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I promise

Okay, so now that the school holidays have started I’m going to make a few promises.

Firstly, I promise to update my blog more on what I am doing.

Secondly, which probably should have come before the firstly one but oh well, I promise to do more sewing. As it is, I’m working on a new pair of pocket hoops, and photos will follow I PROMISE!!

At this present time, when I would be continuing with my pocket hoops, I am being sprawled upon by a certain cat. She shows no sign or intention of getting off my apparantley very comfy lap any time soon. Which is a shame because I’d like to go and take some photos of my progress. But the cat rules in this house, and who could shove her off when she looks so adorable and cute and is purring so loudly? I would have to have a heart of stone, wich I do not possess, you’ll be glad to hear.

I also have to promise to keep revising these holdiays, with exams coming up in the first week of term back…… I hate revision with a strong passion and would prefer to do nothing all day because I’m lazy that way and really can’t be bothered to write out endless notes.

Aha! The cat had jumped off which I see as my cue to leave my desk and get cracking with the next stage of my paniers!



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