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Linen shift

      P1090667So I have finally started on my shift. Actually, I started a few days ago.

At first I found it all relatively easy. Great, I thought to myself, I can do this in a few days.

Haha. This is the evil shift of doom.

Firstly, I hate working with large pieces of fabric. So much hassle and confusion!

I made the width about 50 cms too wide and waster a LOT of fabric. I am SO angry with myself, because I paid a reasonably high price for that linen and wanted to make another fichu and a cap or two out of it.

I blame the pattern I was following: http://www.marquise.de/en/1700/howto/frauen/18chemise.shtml

It said for the width: maximum circumference plus 20 cms. I should never have read it. In actual fact, the width should be your shoulder to shoulder plus about 7 cms. I did my waist plus 20. Grrrrrrrrrr…… I was following by the rule which my old D.T teacher drummed into me: you can always cut more off, but you can’ put more on once you’ve cut it off. The problem, for me, came when I realised that it was too late to cut more off. I did, actually, snip about 10 cms of fabric from one side before sewing up that side, but it wasn’t enough. As a result, I looked like a ghost, swamped in linen.

P1090656 I did one of the sleeves wrong. It was easily adjusted, but perhaps a sign of the troubles to come….

P1090657 Period correct flat-felled seams. This entire shift is going to be done by hand.

P1090663 The underarm gore.

P1090664 From a different view.

P1090662 Jeanette was swamped… She still is.

P1090665 Side seams pinned and ready for sewing,

P1090667 Sewn side seams.

I haven’t taken quite as many pictures as I would have liked, I’m not sure why.

Now I have to tackle my adjustments… And I thought this was going to be easy… Sigh.


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