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Finished petticoat!

So, carrying on from where I left off last time… I bound the top of the petticoat after pleating:


P1090599 And added ribbons for ties because I had them at the time.

P1090600Yay! Finished tops!

P1090616But… It was to short. Damn! So….

I added a strip of fabric which was running stitched and I gathered it slightly so it ruffled a bit. This was turning out to be a ruffle-y, flowery petticoat.

P1090649The added strip of fabric at the bottom. Actually, it ruffled pretty rubbishly, but oh well.

P1090651Side view.

P1090652Back view with my new fichu/neck handkerchief/ neckerchief….. I’m not quite sure of the difference, to be perfectly honest.

P1090653View of the opening with sneakily hemmed sides which you can’t see!

It was modelled by Jeanette, my dress form. I needed a dress form and they are expensive to buy, so I used this: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Duct-Tape-Dress-Form

That is why Jeanette looks so tacky. Although, she’s almost more trouble than she’s worth. Only this morning did she split her front….


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