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More fabric!

 I went to the fabric shop today. I love it in there perhaps a little too much… What I was really looking for was a fabric which looked something like this to make an underskirt out of:


We have some curtains being made at the moment out of some fabric which looks practically identical:

P1090645    P1090646

In fact, I’ve been hoping that there’ll be some left over for me to use. It’s lovely curtain fabric, no? I think I will always have a lifelong obsession with curtains, simply because every time I see a pair, I will be thinking to myself: They’d make a nice petticoat… or I could make a gown out of those… Sigh.

But could I find any fabric like that in the shop? Could I heck. But what I did buy is:

Linen out of which I will make a shift. That shift is next on my list after finishing the petticoat.



Some nice pinky linen which will make a nice petticoat.



And this silky, lovely fabric. This will be my outermost petticoat and I wanted something like this but embroidered, but, alas, I couldn’t find any. Perhaps if I add ruffles to it, it will look more interesting?

P1090630    P1090631   P1090632 Methinks fraying will be an issue with this one…

As you can see, it has a ‘smooth’ side and a ‘rough’ side. I intend to use the rough side because I have decided that my dress shall be for a wealthy middle-class lady, and I think the smooth side would look too, well, rich. What do you think????

I also bought more thread, because one can never have enough thread. The next post will be pictures of the petticoat, I PROMISE!


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