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Flowery petticoat

Okay, so I lied. My next post (this one) is not my French Hood. Sorry.

Instead, I’m posting pictures of my petticoat-in-the-making.

I followed the steps from this page: http://www.koshka-the-cat.com/18c_petticoat.html

I would recommend checking out her website and blog because she makes really wonderful, authentic costumes. Unlike me.

Back to the petticoat. It’s completely machine sewn so far because I’m too lazy and impatient to hand sew anything at the moment. The material is (have a guess….) curtain (Yay).

P1090594These are my simpler instructions. Feel free to print them off and use them. Sorry about the crappy drawings, but they get the message across.

P1090565This is what the 2 sides of fabric should look like once they’ve been cut and hemmed and folded etc. The upside-down ‘V’ shape at the bottom (longer sides) is to make sure that the bottom of the petticoat stays the same height when wearing skirt supports.


I couldn’t find the iron, so folded over the edges using my thumb and exerting pressure. Does the trick.


All pleated and sewn up. You can (sort of) see the box pleat at the front. For someone as OCD as me, pleating is an extremely satisfying (if not a little irritating) business.


Because the bottom was a little shorter than intended, I decided to add ruffles to spice things up a bit and add length. Why not? Everybody loves ruffles. No strip of the fabric I had was long enough so I had to use3 individual strips and sew them together.


The ruffles pinned and ready for sewing.


Sewn ruffles

P1090586Attached to the skirt. Yay!

More to come later, I promise!



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