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Regency bonnet

This was something of a project on a whim.

I watched ‘Pride and Prejudice’ (the series with Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet) and felt that I wanted to step back into this era. Well, another story popped into my head and after reading a few Austen novels I was what they call a ‘Janeite’….. (You’re probably reading this thinking: how geeky can one girl get?!)

Anyway, I had a straw cowboy hat which was pretty sturdy but I’d never worn it so in my mind there was not better use for it than to become a Regency Poke bonnet.

I followed the tutorial in this link: http://teainateacup.wordpress.com/2011/08/01/how-to-make-a-regency-poke-bonnet-in-ten-steps/

It’s a great website with some simple to follow tutorials.

So, here are some pictures:

P1090541  P1090537

P1090539  P1090538

P1090542     P1090544

The netting on the inside is from a pair of old curtains (as you might have guessed, I forage around my home and most of my stuff is made from some part of a curtain or other) and the ribbon was stolen (shhh) from the ribbon box. The lace I bought ages ago and I’m not even sure where I got the material for the crown from…..

Okay, so it’s pretty rubbish. It’s not even a poke bonnet and it’s a tad too small. But it does the job well enough and I’m quite pleased with it. Maybe I’ve just invented a new style of bonnet.

Please comment your thought below and my next post is going to be my Tudor French Hood!



4 thoughts on “Regency bonnet

  1. Well done! I find it really fun to remake something (like an old straw hat) to something new, especially if it is historical and can be part of a costume. And every young lady needs a bonnet! 🙂


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