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Starting out

Well, here I am. A blog. Crazy. I just thought that I’d write about my pathetic, totally non-historically accurate fumblings and bumblings as I try to enter the world of historical costuming. It’s quite a crowded place.

I’m not exactly sure WHY I started a blog. The question I asked myself was: Why not?

Then I thought: You never know, somebody might actually read this rubbish. I might be able to reassure someone that they’re not the only one who just can’t get their sewing right.

Because that’s the thing, isn’t it? The web is FULL of beautiful blogs, written by beautifully talented people, showing off their beautiful skills which made them beautiful costumes.

Then there’s reality. There’s botched, half finished things which look more like rags than a gown, pricked fingertips, blood stains on linen, swearing, tears, more swearing and eventually you produce something which might resemble what it was meant to. Or it might not. Or it might not get finished at all, and sit miserably gathering creases as you look at it mournfully and wish that you could be bothered/talented enough to tackle it.

Whatever your skill, if you have somehow managed to find my blog, welcome. I’m not promising that I’ll update it regularly, seeing as school exists but when I get a spare minute between homework then I’ll type something.

I’m here to try and get spirits up as you stare sadly at blogs and websites full of people who have thousands of years of sewing experience under their belt. I’m not sure I even have much of a metaphorical belt, but I might as well start making one.


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